Magnalube-GX Product Description

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Magnalube-GX Moly Grease is a high-temp PTFE grease that will protect better than conventional lithium grease.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Boundary Lubrication
    • Magnalube-GX is specifically designed for applications that require maximum boundary lubrication performance due to high loads and low speeds. This is why we have included a matrix of lubricating solids, such as molybdenum disulfide, PTFE, and other EP additives.

  2. Excellent Adhesion without Loss of Lubricating Performance
    • Many greases use tackifying agents that increase the frictional drag and viscosity of grease, which leads to less efficient equipment operation. Magnalube-GX, however, uses a proprietary matrix of advanced polymers, molybdenum disulfide and PTFE, so it stays where you put it without getting pressed out, and also while maintaining a low frictional drag.

  3. High Film Strength Prevents Metal-on-Metal Contact
    • In many extreme pressure applications additives are not enough. That is why we focused on providing maximum film strength in the base oil to ensure that boundary solids are delivered to important areas when necessary.

  4. Noise Reduction
    • A unique property of Magnalube-GX is its ability to eliminate noises associated with vibration. Many of our customers report that it is the only lubrication regime that has worked to eliminate noise and dampen vibration on their equipment. Read one customers story on harmonic vibration reduction.

  5. Compatibility with Existing Lubrication
    • Magnalube-GX utilizes a lithium-complex grease structure that is compatible with many other lithium greases and lithium-complex greases you may already be using. Thus, you can improve the performance of your lubrication regime without the need for costly system purges or compatibility issues.