Case Studies

Duke University - HVAC Equipment

April 20, 2010

Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment has unusual lubrication problems. Long periods of inactivity followed by continuous operation, exposure to heat, cold, rain, sun, and dust in many installations, and inaccessible locations of system components all contribute to the recognized need for better...

Factory Cleaning Equipment - Gearboxes

September 5, 2012

When Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc. ( of Aurora, Illinois services an industrial cleaning machine, they mean business. As teh largest supplier of industrial sweepers and scrubbers in the Midwest, Factory Cleaning Equipment's team of 2 in-house and 6 field technicians must service...

Performance Mobility - Hydraulics

June 28, 2010

Performance Mobility specializes in the sales and service of quality wheelchair-accessible automobiles and vehicle equipment for people with limited mobility. Reliability is a must with their products and services because the consequences of a malfunction could potentially cost a life. To prevent any...

Wheel Bearings

September 26, 2011

Johnny Dean regularly hauls his offshore boat over 250 miles from Alabama to Florida via a trailer attached to the back of his truck. Thus, for every round trip he takes, there are over 500 miles where potential lubrication problems can arise, causing substantial damage to his trailer, truck, or boat...

Wadsworth Control Systems - Actuators

March 12, 2012

Wadsworth Control Systems, Inc. is the oldest and most reliable environmental greenhouse control company in North America. There are more of Wadsworth's systems in greenhouses than any other system on the market. Since the company's inception in 1952, Wadsworth's mission...

The Will-Burt Company - Pneumatic Seals

June 8, 2012

The Will-Burt Company has been providing innovative mechanical solutions to companies and militaries worldwide since 1915. Will-Burt's Largest division designs and manufactures a complete line of standard and custom built telescopic masts. Their pneumatic and mechanical telescopic...

Benchmark Imaging Group, Inc. - Lead Screws

October 16, 2012

Benchmark Imaging Group is a well-established X-ray equipment manufacturer and reseller. Their engineers have used the latest tools and technology to service and repair thousands of used X-ray equipment. The owner and operating manager, Pete Schliebner, has been an X-ray service engineer...

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