Magnalube-G Application Videos

Short and easy tutorials demonstrating the problem solving abilities of Magnalube greases

State Trooper Tutorial: Sig Sauer Pistol

In this video, New Jersey state trooper demonstrates how to use Magnalube-G as a gun oil replacement to lubricate and clean his Sig Sauer firearm. 

State Trooper Tutorial: AR-15 Rifle

New Jersey state trooper shows his method of applying Magnalube-G to his guns in order to make his firearms more reliable and last longer.

State Trooper Tutorial: Gun Demonstration

Watch New Jersey State trooper demonstrating the use of his guns after being treated with Magnalube-G PTFE grease.

How to Grease Trucks: Greasing the Fifth Wheel

Learn proper truck maintenance procedures involving using Magnalube-GX lithium grease to lubricate the fifth wheel.

How To Grease Trucks: Greasing The Fifth Wheel Slider

Here we demonstrate proper truck maintenance procedures by using Magnalube-GX PTFE grease with molybdenum disulfide (or moly) to grease the fifth wheel slider of a truck.