Performance Mobility specializes in the sales and service of quality wheelchair-accessible automobiles and vehicle equipment for people with limited mobility. Reliability is a must with their products and services because the consequences of a malfunction could potentially cost a life. To prevent any accidents from occurring, Performance Mobility uses Magnalube-G to service all of its vehicles.


Performance Mobility’s product line not only contains a wide variety of wheelchair-accessible vans and minivans, it also includes a large selection of add-on equipment that can be placed in any vehicle. This equipment ranges from steering wheel modifications to wheelchair lifts—all of which could have potential life-threatening consequences if they malfunctioned during operation. That is why Performance Mobility needed a lubricant that could be trusted to work every time.


Dave Wee, the Service Advisor at Performance Mobility, says he had used several different kinds of lubricants in the past, but Magnalube-G was the best-performing and most reliable of any other lubricant on the market. When speaking about the diverse equipment range and lubricant applications that are needed for his job, Wee asked, “Why carry five different types of silicone and lithium based lubricants, when you can carry one can of Magnalube?” As Service Advisor, Wee has four technicians reporting to him who service around 45 to 50 vehicles per week. He requires that each of the technicians carry a can of Magnalube at all times.

"We have not had a breakdown in the last three years because of Magnalube-G."


-Service Advisor at Performance Mobility, Dave Wee


"Why carry five different tpyes of silicone and lithium based lubricants, when you can carry one can of Magnalube?"



Wee’s love of Magnalube-G began with a free sample tube of the product that he received from Magnalube, Inc. for his own personal use. After a little research, he quickly realized the advantages of using Magnalube-G at Performance Mobility versus the myriad of other brands he had previously tried. Wee decided to exclusively use Magnalube-G on all jobs at Performance Mobility three years ago, and he hasn’t looked back since. When asked why he chose Magnalube-G, he stated, “No other lubricant works better. We have not had a breakdown in the last three years because of Magnalube-G.”







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