"I only change out the grease once a year now

instead of 2 or 3 times per season."

-- Johnny Dean


Johnny Dean regularly hauls his offshore boat over 250 miles from Alabama to Florida via a trailer attached to the back of his truck. Thus, for every round trip he takes, there are over 500 miles where potential lubrication problems can arise, causing substantial damage to his trailer, truck or boat.


The biggest challenge that Mr. Dean faced when hauling his 6,000+ lb. boat was the constant breakdowns of his trailer hubs. More so than regular trailer hubs, boat trailer hubs require grease not only to protect the bearings, but also to help keep water out. His breakdowns were caused by a combination of high temperatures, stress from excessive braking, and salt water infiltration. The grease he had used prior to Magnalube-G would liquefy and turn black after a single one way trip.


Mr. Dean first heard about Magnalube-G through his employer who uses the grease in high temperature applications. He witnessed firsthand the superior capabilities and resistance to harsh environments that Magnalube-G possessed. According to him, “The extreme temperatures this grease is exposed to on a daily basis with virtually no breakdown or water penetration told me this would be the grease I needed to use.”

"Magnalube has never broken down or allowed salt water to penetrate"


After switching to Magnalube-G, he noticed that the temperatures on the trailer hubs do not run as high as they previously did with other greases. In addition, the areas that are constantly exposed to dirt and humidity now show significantly less wear. Perhaps the biggest difference is that the re-greasing intervals for his trailer hubs have decreased dramatically. Mr. Dean states, “I only change out the grease once a year now instead of 2 or 3 times per season. And we stay on the road a lot! The PTFE base adds somewhat of a security with less wear on moving parts.” He was thrilled that Magnalube-G outperforms and extends the life of his bearings while actually requiring less application and maintenance than other bearing greases.


“Magnalube has never broken down or allowed salt water to penetrate,” attests Mr. Dean. “Magnalube-G is and will be the only grease used in my trailer hubs.” In fact, he was so impressed by how Magnalube-G performed with the hubs that carry his offshore boat that for the last two years, he’s chosen to apply it on all his farm equipment, saltwater reels, and anything else that has a grease fitting. He happily concluded, “Problem solved.”







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